Saving your skin and your environment with reef friendly skin care products

It can take years still before we all just stop and think for a moment and without any further compromise or self-centeredness, just do the right thing, no matter what the cost to our person or financial circumstances. One of the biggest problems facing the earth’s environment today is that far too many of the natural and organic ingredients suggested and manufactured remain out of reach for a majority of consumers.

This remains sickingly unfortunate. Not only are these consumers, you could be one of them still, doing damage to their own health, they are doing long-lasting damage to the earth’s environment, both natural flora and fauna. The earth’s remaining coral reefs form a vital part of that fauna network. It is said, time and time again by scientists and dedicated advocates for green change that the moment these coral reefs finally become extinct, the horrific chain reaction of the decimation of all other species and food sources will be set in motion.

Perhaps this has given you a fright. Well, good then, although this was not entirely the intention. But this may jolt you into action. This may force you to take immediate action. Rather than risk everything for the environment and your children’s future, because then, what would they have to look forward to, place reef friendly sunscreen on your next month’s grocery shopping list, among other organic things.

Pay now so that you do not have to pay later. It is commendable that you have been taking good care of your skin so far. But you need to make the switch as soon as possible. The chemicals contained in your regular sunscreen and skin lotion are already doing grievous harm to those precious reefs just mentioned.